Thursday, October 18, 2018, 6:15-8:15 pm

(901) 881-6013 | 785 Jackson Ave, Memphis, TN


Break The Cycle is an evening addressing poverty in Memphis hosted at our North Center location.


At the event, listen to inspirational stories from some of our Neighbors, some entertainment, and a "soul food" dinner while gaining a better understanding of our Neighbors In Need and how NCC can compassionately guide them toward stability and sustainability. 


However, it is also more than that. Breaking the cycle of generational poverty is a goal NCC strives for by stabilizing families in our community. You can support our goal by making a donation for a ticket to attend the event, by paying the way for another to learn more about our organization by making a donation for a No-Go ticket, or with a general donation in support of our goal to Break The Cycle.

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785 Jackson Ave Memphis, TN 38107 |  |  (901) 881-6013

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NCC is not accepting furniture requests at this time.