Non-cash gifts of personal property, equipment, and supplies are welcome and appreciated. 


Please feel free to fill out the request form below if you do have a donation and we will schedule you for a pickup at your location. Thank you and we greatly appreciate your generous donations!


Neighborhood Christian Centers, Inc. truly appreciates your in-kind gift as we seek to help those that are less fortunate and/or in need. NCC's policy is that we accept only items in usable condition, that may be immediately passed-through to our neighbors in need.

  • We do not accept clothing, bath/bed linens nor mattresses that are damp, soiled, moldy or torn.

  • We do not accept furniture in need of major repairs.

  • We do not accept toys that are damaged.

  • We do not accept equipment/appliances that do not work.

Any questions? Contact Renee Crayton at (901) 881-6013 x119 to make arrangements for your gift-in-kind to NCC, including to request a pick-up.

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785 Jackson Ave Memphis, TN 38107 |  |  (901) 881-6013

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NCC is not accepting furniture requests at this time.