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Neighborhood Christian Centers, Inc. has been serving the Memphis community for over 40 years. In that time, the city of Memphis has seen massive amounts of change to infrastructure, population, school systems, poverty levels, economics, entertainment, and ways of living. Over the past 40 years, NCC has made it their mission to always be there for a constant that never changes in our city: our Neighbors in Need.

In these technological times, in order to reach those with the ability to help in our mission, NCC has grown in our social media presence to spread the word of NCC further and wider than it has ever gone before.

photo credit: Sean Davis Memphis Skyline via photopin (license)


Neighborhood Christian Centers, Inc. now exists on 5 social media platforms: Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Facebook was our first reach into this universe and contains our largest following but the others are gaining in speed. With more platforms we hope to grow and be relevant across the spectrum of demographics.

Where to find us:

Neighborhood Christian Centers, Inc. can be found @NCCIncorporated as our handle on all platforms.

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