Our Mission Statement

The mission of Neighborhood Christian Centers, Inc. is to guide those in need toward stability and sustainability through compassionate Christ-centered ministries and empowerment programs.


Compassionate Ministries

The strategic goal of Compassionate Ministries is ​to provide emergency food, clothing, and housing items to families ​in crisis throughout Memphis. 

Adult & Family Services

The goal for Adult & Family Services at NCC is to provide opportunities to adults and their families to be empowered through Christ-centered programs to learn and develop skills needed for both home and work.

Youth Empowered to Succeed

NCC serves youth, ages 5-18, with the strategic goal of aligning them ​with the resources needed to enter college or vocational school.

Holistic Home & Neighbor Engagement

NCC seeks to meet and serve our Neighbors In Need, where they are; to first, aid in stabilizing the individual and/or their family and then provide an opportunity to go into a more intricate process through Our Holistic Home & Neighbor Engagement Services. This program utilizes the evidenced-based approach and Standard of Care, Transition To Success (TTS). This approach incorporates uniformed protocols and analytics to treat the condition of poverty, brought on by negative exposures to the social determinants of health. NCC assigns family support specialist to willing families, adults, and youth, who are ready to move forward and work toward economic, mental, and family sustainability.

NCC is a proud affiliate of Slingshot Memphis


Though Neighborhood Christian Centers, Inc. was established in 1978, the ministry actually began years earlier, and its legacy is far reaching and continues to grow to this day.



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785 Jackson Ave Memphis, TN 38107 |  ncc@ncclife.org  |  (901) 881-6013

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